james_roganJames Rogan is an award-winning writer/director/producer who works in documentaries, fiction and commercials. He began his career with the low-budget feature film Dead Bolt Dead as one of Britain’s youngest directors. He has made three international feature documentaries for the Oscar-winning BBC Storyville: Amnesty! When They Are All Free, The Trouble with Pirates and Blog Wars. He directed the popular observational series, Warship, about the Royal Navy, and helped to create one of ITV’s most successful format shows, 60 Minute Makeover. Recently, he has made Changing Fortunes about the world’s new billionaires, Life in the Freezer Cabinet about the budget supermarket chain Iceland Foods and A Very British Airline about British Airways, all for the BBC. In commercials, through his company – Rogan Productions - he works with a wide variety of brands, NGOs and institutions. This year he delivered The Intelligent Hand a full-length documentary, developed and produced for Balvenie Whisky, about the global craftspeople of today. He is currently working on a single documentary about Mayfair for the relaunch of the BBC’s prestigious Modern Times strand.

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