Dead Bolt Dead

blog_wars buy button Dead Bolt Dead is a dark, character-driven thriller with a sense of humour, set in the sharp-suited, brutal world of London's organised crime. The story, which takes place over the course of one night, charts what happens after one gang tries to take out its rivals - and fails. The result is two separate hostage situations, which become increasingly claustrophobic and desperate as the night wears on. The tension is leavened with dark humour and a splash of country and western music.

This low-budget thriller was distributed in the UK by Metrodome and around the world by Films Distribution.

"A Small Gem" The Times.

San Cristóbal

pirates San Cristóbal is a romantic comedy about a young man who discovers that to save his home, his livelihood and win the girl of his dreams, he will have to place his faith in a rag-tag group of homeless people.

San Cristóbal, a small mountain village, is on the brink of extinction. There are only sixteen inhabitants left and most of them are pushing ninety. The only young man is Rafael, the village barman – a simple soul, who spends his day digging graves and dreaming of marrying his friend Gabriel's granddaughter, Eva. When Gabriel has a heart attack while trying to lift the patron saint of the village, Rafael realises that short of a miracle his dreams and his livelihood will be lost. Then Rafael encounters a group of homeless people sleeping rough in a bus shelter and he has an idea… What if the relatives of the villagers who have left over the years were to come back?

A co-production between Aria, Crowfoot and El Olivo productions. The film stars Quim Gutierrez, Marta Etura and Irene Escolar. It starts shooting in 2013.