The Open Doors

piratesA nervous young gentleman from London goes to the countryside for a rest cure. He arrives at a country house clutching a letter of introduction. Based on the short story 'The Open Window' by Saki (H. H. Munro), it stars Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon), Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat) and Cherie Lunghi (The Mission). It was distributed worldwide by Future Shorts. It was nominated for Best Short at Soho Rushes Short Film Festival and at Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival, it was chosen to open a retrospective of the best British short films of the last 20 years. Official Selection Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010, Moscow International Film Festival 2010.

Gypsy Cab

blog_warsAcross the former Soviet Union, anywhere you stop and put out your hand a car will stop and offer to take you on your journey. These impromptu taxis are called 'gypsy cabs' and to many they offer the only way of making a living and keeping above the breadline. Gypsy Cab takes a look at three very different gypsy cab drivers from Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. It shows how daily life remains a struggle in the post-Soviet world and the innovative ways people cope with it.

Made as the concluding part of the Cinetrain portmanteau feature doc, this experimental short was shot and edited while travelling by train through the former Soviet Union (Kyrgyzstan-Kazakstan-Russia).

It received its UK premier at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and its international premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival.

El Loco de la Catedral (The Madman and the Cathedral)

amnesty The Madman and the Cathedral is a documentary about one man’s dream to build a cathedral.

In 1963, Don Justo Gallego Martinez laid the foundation stone of a cathedral. A peasant, with no architectural training, no construction experience and no tools, he turned his back on the fields and started building. He had no blueprints and no planning permission. He had not even seen many cathedrals. All he had was the unshakeable conviction that God wanted him to build a cathedral.

50 years later, he is still building.

Filmed over 5 years, this short documentary was funded by Britdoc. It was shown on TV channels and at film festivals around the world. It is currently showcased by Channel 4 on their website as one of "16 documentaries to watch before you make one."


amnestyJanusz commutes in and out of London every day, watching through the window as the world rushes by. Lydia is moving home after quitting her job. When these two meet on the train, they each get a glimpse of the other’s world.

Starring acclaimed Polish actor Marcin Dorocinski (Run, Pitbull) in his first English-speaking role, this film premiered at San Francisco Film Festival and went on to tour internationally.

Grave Business

amnestyThis short documentary follows a gravestone saleswoman, who plies her trade in Queens under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

It was made as part of the NYU Graduate Film Program.

The Walk

amnestyThis experimental short film was made at the NYU Graduate Film Program. The challenge was to tell a story in 4 minutes, in black and white, and with no sync sound.

The actor, Jamie Hector, went on to play Marlo in The Wire.